Amazing Grace: Mid-Year Prayer and Fasting

It has been six months after we had our yearly prayer and fasting last January and it is been four months of nationwide quarantine here in Kazakhstan since last March, nevertheless, with this worldwide challenge we are still praising God for His faithfulness to supply good health, strength, protection, and necessary things never cease.

But the Lord watches over all who honor him and trust his kindness
. – Psalm 33:18 (CEV)

The half-year of 2020 made incredible remarks, breakthroughs, and answered prayers. This first six months we saw how the Lord moved in the lives of His people and of the unbelievers, how he shaped every character to be more like Jesus and despite social distancing He brought everyone much closer like never before through technology. We found the importance of community presence and the needs of everyone’s prayer. This led someone to know that Jesus is only one who can save, heal and provide remedy in our physical and spiritual challenges.

And because we never stop believing that God so much more this year to show His mighty works on earth and here in Kazakhstan, we had our mid-year prayer and fasting last July 7 to 9 with the same theme, Amazing Grace. This Grace is what we believed will bring us through to 2021 with victory and much rejoicing because of many things He proved that He is to us.

We covered much everything if not all in prayer via zoom. On the first day we prayed for the government officials and citizens of Kazakhstan. The next day, we lifted up i prayer the campuses, universities and students that we are reaching out and targeting. Third day, we prayed for our church, church leaders, missionaries, members and the body of Christ.

It was Tuesday when we had our first-day mid-year prayer and fasting. We prayed for the government of Kazakhstan and its leaders. We lifted up in supplication president Tokayev and the former president who is recovering now after contacting CoVid19 at the same time the chairman of Ministry of Health who had the same case with the first president. Along with this, we prayed also for our local members who showed symptoms and became positive too, and to all Kazakhstanis.

The next day, Wednesday, we supplicated for the universities, colleges, and students that we are reaching out. This is really a challenge for us since every meeting must be virtual some could not afford to do so because of the weak signal in their villages, or constant interruption like logging. Thus, it is still in the constant prayer of us to have a good connection every time we meet them. Plus, we prayed that their eyes will be opened to see the need for a Saviour especially in times like this. If you want to know them and the story of how we met them and their journey with us, you can check their faces and profile on my Virtual Prayer Wall on the upper part menus.

On the last day, we prayed for the body of Christ, specifically our church here in Almaty, the leaders and members. We had some members and their family members back at home who had symptoms of this disease so prayed eagerly for them. We lifted also our missionaries all around the world to be safe and still faithfully do with wisdom the assignment given to us. We prayed for everyone whom we asked of prayer requests and even to them who were not but revealed to us to pray for.

Though, this prayer and fasting was over, we are still on our knees praying for everything that the Lord impresses to our hearts to pray for. We ask you do the same for us also. We are together in this journey of prayer and fasting until we bridge 2021.

We are grateful to have you partnering with us in this great mission here in Kazakhstan.

God bless you and your family!