Life Talks

“5 Love Languages”

February 09, 2020

February, month of love as we traditionally celebrate it but not in Kazakhstan. Valentines Day or sort like it is not existing here. However, this 2nd Sunday of the month we were able to gather our contacts to hear about LOVE and its languages which every individual has. 

We were so glad and thankful to the LORD to His grace that is bestowing upon us that we have this growing numbers of contacts. We have gathered more than 50 individuals from our contacts and from the invites of our own contacts. Is that amazing? They are starting to invite friends also. We know that the LORD is moving in our events that they are not just learning but they feel that we are family taking care of their soul. 

Coach Rose talked about the love language of Touch.

Coach Xris talked about the love language of Words

Coach Winna shared about the love language of Time.

I shared about the love language of Gift

Coach Bu, who is our photographed us, happened to share the love language of Service. Though we shared these love languages in short time but small groups helped every attendees to think about their love language and share about their learning with the guidance of our small group leaders. Also we let them have their personal love language quiz online.

Without asking, our contacts and new comers said that they enjoyed the topic and excited for the next Life Talks. This is a good thing to pray for more harvest because through this event we can make relationships and bridge the Good News.

In our Life Talk of course we always do ice breaker to help energize before and excited for more and break the program with one or two special numbers.

As always our games are DIY and collective. This game has one goal to fill the hall in a shape of heart with the right color of balls. Everyone enjoyed it! This is one of the ways we bring nationals into one family.

Grace (left) and Swati (right)

These real sisters by blood made a fantastic performance of Taylor Swift’s song Love Story. Incredibly amazing how the Lord encourages everyone showcase their talents.

We see how the LORD is moving to our lives, how he touches our contacts to continually come in fellowship with and even invite their friends. Therefore, we are the growing organism that positively influences others. Just from our own contacts we are grateful and humbled how the LORD is using me to reach out young people.

Students from Abai University: Kassymkhan (in black coat), Symbat (in brown coat), Aqziyash (in checkard coat) and Darkhan (in white, the invited one)
Students from Kazakhstan National University – Afghan friends: Esmat (in black-the invited one), Hadi (in gray), Mustafa (in yellow)
Alexander (camouflage pants), Tulegen (gray jacket), Akezhan (with a bag – the invited one), and Arthur (with eye glasses) whom I’ve met in a coffee shop.
121 Discipleship group: Kishor (in grey coat), Srinat (in blue coat) and Uday (in black)

This is the LORD’s doing and we are grateful that you are with us in prayer and support. If you want to know their journey please visit my Testimonies icon and know them one by one. 

We are in continuous prayer to include in your petition of partnering us in this mission by becoming our prayer shield partner, a ministry partner or both. Thank you so much for taking time to read my newsletter. Glory to God!

The growing number brothers. Ready to harvest!