Spoken Words

The word of God is powerful and useful to change lives and brings life to those who find Him.

My supplication is that you may find strength and encouragement as you read and meditate with me the Words of God every time you open this page. Though all the words written here were all personal impression of the LORD to me, I encourage you to share your thoughts on how the LORD also spoke to you in these verses in the comment section. I would be glad to read your comments and share with your joy and revelation as to how the LORD is moving also in your life. The words that you will share will be a strength also to me and to those who will read them.

If you find these devotions helpful please share with your social media accounts, to your friends, family, and colleagues, praying that they will be encouraged too as He encouraged us.

Let us enjoy our journey with Jesus as we desire to go deeper inn Him!

Let us begin!