Ask of Me, and I will give You The nationfor Your inheritance, And the ends of the earth for Your possession.

Kazakhstan is our inheritance, the nation chosen for us to sow His seeds of love that will bring salvation to all liberal Muslim, nominal Muslim, orthodox Russian, and no religion Kazakhtaniss and internationals living here. This is our field to tilth and as we labor on this good ground we are in faith that LORD of the harvest, as He provided laborers in the field will also provide things that His servants need.

I encourage every prayer and ministry partners to pray with us to the LORD for the things we really need.


Every year police officers visit our houses and universities where we are studying the language to check us if we are really attending classes or working or doing other stuff. As every missionary who has the heart to reach out to other nations that are lost studies and tent-making are just ways to enter into the lives of every individual they meet. Pray not just for our protection because we believe that there is always a risk in the field that we entered in but also pray for the wisdom that we need every time that we are going to face authorities for interrogations, for many times last year 2019, we were reported that we are doing religious practices which are against their law as a Muslim country. Wisdom as we meet locals and wisdom to what we say and do with the locals.

Good health

Living here in Kazakhstan is one of the best ways if you want to be healthy physically. Fruits and meat might be somehow cheaper compare to other countries and tea are everywhere which is the best way to balance your diet plus trees surrounding the cities make the air somehow still fresh. But for the missionaries here being healthy psychologically and emotionally is much more important because of the changing laws here that affect the living of not just the locals but of everyone especially of the missionaries. There is a threat everywhere that troubles every one and cripples some. So pray that we will be brave to face all those threats and be emotionally and mentally courageous to stand strong in our faith in Christ.


Missionaries are living by faith, a faith that believes God is touching individuals and families who are in the field of business, working, and even those Macedonians (lacking but in faith to bless God’s laborers in the field). He is working to those who were called with the gift of giving and those who want to be in the field too but can’t because of some issues that hinder them so through supporting missionaries only they find the joy of serving the LORD. This is a kind of mindset that LORD loves so much, the SOWER mindset, and not always the field mindset. For as Jesus said, blessed are those who give than those who receive.

Every year we need to change our student visa and we are grateful that the LORD has been faithful for four years now of providing my one-year tuition fee and this year we are praying for His provision again for another new student visa that is 1,600 USD for the year 2020.

We want you to pray also for my residence visa knowing that I am married to a Kazakh which gives me more credential to have this but they require me to have at least 4 million tenges (10,000 USD) in their local bank as show money that I will ever be a burden to their government. A Residence Visa is every missionary who wants to continue serving this country. This is one of our priority prayers for this will secure everything if we have residence visas like being able to work everywhere and being more flexible in reaching locals.

We have our weekly service where we pay for rent. And right now we are in search of our own spacious place that is near the universities and accessible for the locals that we are reaching out. Include this in your prayer and a plan to have our own church license. The service that we are doing is illegal under their law but for a year now we are still running because of His grace of course. However, having our own license is the best because it allows us to move freely but every license church here is still under the surveillance of the authorities.

I encourage you to include considerably in your personal prayer of becoming one of our ministry partners in this field of Grace here in Kazakhstan. A sower mindset like the Macedonian church where you will find that the seeds that you are sowing are reaping souls for Christ and millions of angels are celebrating in heaven because of the saved souls because of your faith in sowing. You can reach me in our CONTACT section on this site if you have more inquiries. We are looking forward to your prayers and partnership as the LORD blesses your heart and field.

Prayer Partners

No other weapon we can use than the fervent prayers of the saints praying for all missionaries around the world. We believe that are people like you who are called for this ministry, that though you have no capability to sow in the field however the heart is so much joy to lift up every one of who is far and near in the field of harvest. We beseech you to be one of our prayer shield partner here in Kazakhstan, you can send you to comment or email telling me that you want to be our prayer shield partner and doing so, we will keep you informed about what to pray for this nation and for us. We are grateful to you in advance!

More Locals

Filipino missionaries like me are scattered in different universities to reach out to young people there but we are not limited in our spaces only so we have made some connections to other young people also who studies in other universities and colleges, some are working already or both. These young people are in a constant meeting with us through our different events like game night, Life Talks and informal and irregular get together with the few.

Pray that as we meet them, words of wisdom be spoken to touch their heart to hear the good news and be the follower of Christ. Pray for them because it is either they are without religion or belong to other religions but not Islam or they are with parents that are religiously in the practice of Islam but as of them they are nominal. We are in faith that the family kind of relationship that we are showing to them will lead to their realization that they belong to the family of God who’s Christ is the center.

For more stories about our missions here in Kazakhstan, I invite you to visit my posts often as I keep you updated and I pray that the LORD of the harvest will touch your heart to be our Prayer shield partner or Ministry partner or both. Thank you so much and God bless you brethren.

We always remember you in our prayers also, you and your household. If you have any specific prayer request you can comment below or send it in my email: