iM stands for Intentional Mission which describes us as Christians who were called to intentionally share the Gospel of Christ to all people that surround us and even to the world. We are all in a call to do the mission not just to spread the Good News but also to make disciples.

On this page, you will find some ideas on how to reach our young generation today and will be also linked to some of my videos on Youtube, intended to for you to see and hear from me the stories behind and how we are doing things that you are about to read here. I encourage you to share the videos also to your church members and to anyone that you think needs something like this in their outreach ministry. Moreover, I will teach you how to make your own some easy and good materials that you can personally use in evangelism. You can give your own suggestion also on how we can improve it more and make it more effective.

This is for the purpose to inspire every believer who is in the field and even those who are desiring to be in the field of local and international missions. We need to encourage each one of us, so I am praying that the contents on this page will help you and give you ideas to generate your own strategies or just copy what we are doing in reaching out for the lost.

If you have best practices or constructive feedback on how we can share more effectively the love of Christ to the world, you are free to write your comment or write me an email about your ideas. I will appreciate it and it is all for His glory.

Let us dive in now and see what we have got here!