Welcome to my virtual prayer wall where you can see faces of the locals and some internationals that we are reaching out. I categorize these young people from Building Relationship to Being Disciple to make you know their level of our personal encounter with them. Please allow me to define the terms that I have used on this page.

Building Relationship is when I/we started to meet them through common friends or divine appointments and have exchanged contacts though there is no constant and yet there are regular chats and/or sometimes personal catch-ups.

Became Friends, this is the second stage where after times of meeting up and regular talks through WhatsApp or any social media I/we am/are able to invite them with some of our events like Life Talks, Master Classes, and Language Exchange programs. Here we are able to meet their friends also.

Attended Events, this third level of our outreach, the young people, most likely students who were being reached through our English clubs in different universities are being introduced to the programs we have which are more than learning English. With the events that we are doing like Life Talks and Master Classes, they are able to hear some of the words of wisdom from the Holy Scripture.

Hear Personal Testimony/The Gospel, this is where contacts who became close friends are seem ready to be evangelized. This is for a fact that from the events that have been attending they are hearing Bible verses and thus having an idea that we are not just making genuine friendship but with a purpose of making them know Jesus however they are not stumble yet still continue attending and meeting with us.

Attended Sunday Service, after prayer and keen observation we have some locals from our outreached that are being invited to our Sunday Service. A handful stays in attending though not regular but at least willing already to come again even without personal invitation or reminder. There are some locals who are believing already and seeking for a spiritual family that will take care their growth which becomes our family after their personal prayer and confirmation from the Spirit to transfer.

Being Disciple, this is our highest goal to establish local leaders that will soon be bold to stand up for Christ in their country. We do this discipleship training through One-to-One discipleship with a tool, Church Community training, Purple Book and others that build them to becoming a leader.